What To Expect During Your Mommy Makeover Recovery

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July 17, 2019
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What To Expect During Your Mommy Makeover Recovery

What To Expect During Your Mommy Makeover Recovery

What To Expect During Your Mommy Makeover Recovery

Many women opt for a mommy makeover procedure because it addresses numerous body issues at once. One of the best aspects of a mommy makeover is that each treatment plan is customized to the patient. Depending on the number of procedures you include in your body makeover, your recovery will differ from another patient’s experience.


While combining procedures may result in a longer recovery time, it allows you to accomplish the complete look you desire and only experience the surgical and recovery process one time. Choosing the  top plastic surgeon in Vail, CO will help you feel comfortable about the procedure as well as the recovery process.


How long is a mommy makeover recovery?

A mommy makeover is a customized procedure, so your recovery time will directly correlate with the procedures you include in the makeover process. The typically procedure calls for a woman to take about two weeks off work to recover at home. You will need help during the recovery process, as you’ll want to avoid excessive movement or lifting heavy objects, including your children.


Recovery from a mommy makeover surgery will likely include bruising, swelling, and tenderness of the affected areas. As your body heals, it will begin to take shape, but it’s important you do not judge the results of your procedure within the initial recovery time as the body will make several changes.


You can gradually increase physical activity after the first few weeks of recovery. You’ll want to speak with your Vail, CO plastic surgeon before taking on any major new tasks, like exercise or lifting heavy objects. For most women, all normal activities can be resumed around the three-month mark. Depending on the customized procedures included in your makeover, you may not see complete results until six to 12 months following the procedure.


Mommy makeover recovery tips

The Mangat Plastic Surgery team understands you want to return to your normal activities as quickly as possible. In addition to following the surgeon’s recovery directions, there are some things you can do to aid in the recovery process.


Don’t smoke. Not only should you avoid smoking during recovery, but your plastic surgeon will likely ask you to stop at least three weeks before the procedure. Smoking can interfere with your body’s ability to heal and may cause complications.


Follow a healthy diet. Good food choices will provide your body with the nutrients needed to recover more quickly. This isn’t the time to focus on weight, but rather, to focus on eating nutritious meals, drinking plenty of water, and including extra fruits and vegetables in your diet.


Take it slow. Recovery doesn’t happen overnight. While you’re excited to get back to your normal activities, your body needs an extended healing period. If you begin to feel pain or discomfort when attempting new things, slow down. Listen to your body. You’d rather take the proper amount of time to recuperate now rather than cause complications that extend your recovery time.


Remember to follow-up with your plastic surgeon. If you have questions about recovery, your Vail, CO plastic surgeon team is the one to call. The surgeon and nurses can help you navigate the healing process and ensure your body is making the proper steps to return to normal.