How Your Skin Changes With The Seasons

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February 27, 2018
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How Your Skin Changes With The Seasons

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How Your Skin Changes With The Seasons

Our skin is highly sensitive to climate change and much like the seasons of the year, our skin changes and develops through different phases. The summer’s extreme heat, winter’s dry air and even indoor temperature adjustments change how your skin feels. As temperatures fluctuate, skin takes a brutal hit as it tries to adapt to the swaying environment. Here’s a look at how your skin reacts to the different seasons and what you do as spring approaches to start with a fresh face.

Spring: Skin Is In Bloom

Our skin awakens as the warm air returns and nature awakens. The sun’s warmth will be a welcomed feeling after a winter of frigid temperatures, little moisture and cracking skin. The spring is the perfect time to free your skin of dead skin cells and even your tone as you plan for summer get-a-ways and beach trips

Procedure to try: Dermaplaning Facial. Dermaplaning, or facial shaving, is a facial exfoliation technique that combats wrinkles, dry skin, evens out skin tone and texture and is the perfect non-surgical procedure that offers instant results.

Summer: Time To Prevent Wrinkles

At Mangat Plastic Surgery, Vail Valley, CO, we’re not ones to shy away from a beach day or sitting pool side, but time in the sun can leave your skin looking aged and wrinkled. The lines etched within your skin can leave you looking older than you feel and less confident about taking on summer adventures that lie ahead. Keep your smile and your confidence while smoothing away the wrinkles.

Procedure to try: Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin. An injectable treatment can help reduce wrinkles in the forehead, frown lines, and around the eyes. A consultation with the team at Mangat Plastic Surgery, Vail Valley, CO can help you determine which injectable will best fit your needs.

Fall: In Transition

As summer ends and our skin is no longer protected by a tan, blemishes and dry skin return. The fall months are a time of transition as our skin adapts to cooler temperatures. This time of year is also when we start building a routine and have fewer get-a-ways or gatherings, making fall the perfect time for any cosmetic procedures you’ve been considering. Now’s the time to consider a fresh new look that you can show off at upcoming holiday parties and winter vacations.

Procedure to try: Choose a major enhancement, like a Facelift, to tighten skin and give you a youthful appearance, or opt for the lip or nose change you’ve been considering now that you have plenty of time for healing before the holiday season.

Winter: Slowing Circulation

The dry, itchy feeling of winter settles into your skin quickly. Your skin is in desperate need of moisture and repair. As we constantly run back and forth from the brisk air outdoors to the dry heat inside our home or office, our skin begins to dry and crack. Cell renewal and skin circulation decreases, causing our skin to lose its healthy glow.

Procedure to try: A HydraFacial MD treatment will leave your skin healthy and moisturized in just one session. This non-invasive procedure combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and antioxidant protection and leaves you with glowing skin and no downtime.