CoolSculpting vs. EMSCULPT: Which Is Better For Me?

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February 13, 2019
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CoolSculpting vs. EMSCULPT: Which Is Better For Me?


CoolSculpting vs. EMSCULPT: Which Is Better For Me?

Body contouring is one of the fastest growing trend in plastic surgery. Patients want the benefits of a custom treatment that can slim the waistline without the downtime that comes with invasive procedures. When you’re considering Vail, CO body contouring treatments, there are two popular options to consider.

CoolSculpting and EMSCULPT are both effective contouring treatments designed to eliminate fat. Each session for both treatments is approximately 30 minutes, with no downtime. You’re able to return to your normal activities immediately after the treatment. Despite the similarities in these contouring options, there are some differences to consider.

What Is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a nonsurgical device that, over time, reduces fat in particular places on the body. The procedure has been cleared by the FDA and is non-invasive. Specific areas of the body are targeted by the vacuum applicator. Patients can use CoolSculpting to reduce fat in the abdomen area, thighs or stomach. The procedure makes the skin very cool to the touch. As the fat cells are exposed to the ultra-low temperature, they begin to crystalize, ultimately killing the fat cells in the targeted area.

CoolSculpting is ideal for someone who wants a non-invasive alternative to liposuction or another Vail, CO plastic surgery treatment for fat removal. This treatment is not ideal for those who are excessively overweight.


The EMSCULPT treatment in Vail, CO is a non-invasive procedure that allows you to rest comfortably while the device does the work. Vail, CO EMSCULPT treatments are completed with a belt being placed around the target area. The device is turned on and magnetic energy creates painless muscle contractions throughout the 30-minute session. The contractions create new muscles mass, toning and defining the desired area.

The treatment also breaks down your fat cells through a process called lipolysis, which enhances fat metabolism. The procedure has been cleared by the FDA and results are typically seen after a series of four treatment.

Is CoolSculpting or EMSCULPT Better?

While the two procedures may seem very similar, it’s best to consider your body composition and goals before signing on for either treatment.


EMSCULPT is designed for active adults with little weight to lose. The goal of the treatment is to tone the targeted muscle group, so if you have fat you’d like to remove from those areas, CoolSculpting may be the better approach.


Many who begin with the CoolSculpting procedure also incorporate EMSCULPT. The results of CoolSculpting treatments take several weeks, but complete results are typically visible within three months. Once your body has developed your desired results, you can ask your Vail, CO plastic surgeon about incorporating EMSCULPT to tone your new slimmer body.


The benefits of CoolSculpting and EMSCULPT are substantial. Body contouring allows men and women who find it difficult to lose the last bit of weight or tone muscle to achieve their desired look. Both procedures are safe and done at your plastic surgery center in Vail, CO. Begin your sessions now to have the body you want before summer.