What To Expect During Liposuction Recovery

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December 31, 2019
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How Long Do Breast Lift Results Last?
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What To Expect During Liposuction Recovery


What To Expect During Liposuction Recovery

When a healthy diet and exercise are unable to get rid of troublesome fat pockets, liposuction with a top plastic surgeon in Vail, CO, can offer a body contouring solution. Liposuction was the second most requested plastic surgery in 2018, coming just under breast augmentations. Liposuction can be used to target fat in the thighs, hips, abdomen, and many other areas.

If you’re considering liposuction, it’s important to understand the procedure and recovery process. Knowing what to expect before, during, and after the procedure builds realistic expectations from the surgery and allows for proper planning when it comes to healing post-surgery.

What happens after the liposuction?

After liposuction, you can expect to have some discomfort, redness, swelling and bruising. All of these results are normal immediately following such an invasive procedure. Your plastic surgeon will likely instruct you to wear a compression garment to help reduce the swelling and stimulate healing. Swelling may occur through the first week of recovery, but your doctor will likely encourage the compression garment through the first month after the procedure. While some degree of swelling is possible through the first six weeks of recovery, you can likely return to work after 5 to 7 days, although you should always follow your doctor’s recommendation.

Can you see liposuction scars?

Small incisions are made in the area where liposuction is to be performed. The incisions are purposefully placed in discreet areas when possible. The goal is to access and successfully remove the fat cells while also making the scars as inconspicuous as possible. Your surgeon will provide after surgery care for your liposuction scars. Once complete healing has occurred, which can take up to one year, the scarring should be minimal.

How do I get good results from liposuction?

Once the liposuction procedure is complete, the removed fat cells are gone forever. The ones that remain, however, can grow is size and continue to store fat. Following a Vail, CO liposuction procedure, it’s best to drink plenty of water, maintain a healthy diet, and, when you’re able, partake in regular activity. You’ll also want to avoid alcohol and smoking throughout the healing process. Alcohol can cause dehydration, and your body’s skin will begin to dry out, delaying healing. Smoking can also affect the skin around your incision, slowing the process.

When will I see liposuction results?

Your body will not reflect your desired results immediately after the procedure. Your body will naturally swell in the area where liposuction was performed, likely causing the area to look even bigger than before the surgery. However, once the swelling goes down, you’ll begin to notice the contoured image you want. Liposuction can remove up to 10 pounds of fat cells during a single procedure. After the initial weeks – likely 3 to 4 – following the surgery, you’ll begin to see results. The final results vary with each patient, but typically reveal themselves between 1 to 3 months following the procedure.

Liposuction can help you achieve your desired body contour by removing stubborn excess body fat, but you must have realistic expectations of the procedure. Understanding how to heal and when to expect final results will help ease your mind as you consider this popular body contouring option.