Top 3 Tips for Maintaining Your Cosmetic Surgery Results

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Top 3 Tips for Maintaining Your Cosmetic Surgery Results


Top 3 Tips for Maintaining Your Cosmetic Surgery Results

When you opt for plastic surgery in Vail, CO, you want to take care of your investment. While working with the best plastic surgeon will give you the results you want, it’s up to you to maintain the change with healthy habits. Even as you age, you don’t want the results of your procedure to fade.

The first step is to give your body adequate healing time. Speak with your plastic surgeon about your recovery period. You’ll want to know how to care for any incision marks, when you can return to normal activities, and what products you should use to maintain the results. Once you’re beyond the recovery period, keep these three tips in mind for maintaining your cosmetic surgery results.

Healthy Lifestyle

Making healthy choices everyday will keep your skin and body strong – helping preserve your results. Your healthy choices should concentrate on the inside and outside of your body. From what you put into your body to how you use it, every choice matters.

After having plastic surgery, those health-related choices are even more important. Prior to a cosmetic surgery, you should stop smoking or using tobacco for at least three weeks. Following the procedure, you should continue to avoid using tobacco products for three to four weeks. Nicotine can have a greatly negative impact on your body’s ability to heal. Continued use of products that contain nicotine can prolong your recovery from surgery and possibly cause complications that result in more visible scarring, pain and bleeding.

Drink alcohol in modest amount. Excessive use can cause dehydration, leaving your skin dry and causing a dull color.

Exercise & Make Healthy Food Choices

Following your Vail, CO plastic surgery, you may not be able to hit the gym right away. But once your recover period is complete and your doctor has released you to normal activities, stay active. Maintaining a healthy weight will preserve your surgery results. Depending on the treatment, gaining weight may reduce or even eliminate the results. Create an active lifestyle and eat healthy foods to keep your immune system strong and produce healthy skin.

Good Body Care Habits

If you have an invasive procedure, ask your plastic surgeon about scar care creams and ointments to minimize any marks left by the procedure. Your plastic surgeon may recommend specific high-grade products. Do not improvise. Use what is recommend for the best results.

For any cosmetic procedure, ask the doctor for follow-up instructions. You may want to continue maintenance procedures once or twice a year to keep up your appearance.


Always communicate with your Colorado plastic surgeon about any post-procedure care steps. You may need to have a loved one or friend tend to you for a few days following your procedure, so make arrangements before having the work done.


Always be honest with your plastic surgeon. You want to avoid any complications during and after the procedure so let the surgeon know about your lifestyle, current medications – even daily vitamins, and how much you smoke and drink. The surgeon can create a customized plan for you to get the best results post-procedure and for years to come.