Mangat Plastic Surgery Testimonials

“On January 29,2004, you performed a face-lift and upper and lower eye lift on me. A simple “Thank You” hardly seems adequate. Not when you consider I have been mistaken for my 47 year old son’s sister, my 16 year old granddaughter’s mother and my 77 year old cousin’s daughter. The results were amazing and continue to be. Almost 12 years later and I look younger than I was at the time I had surgery. I am now 70. Thank you!!!”

– P.S

“I wanted to thank you and several of your staff specifically for the way in which you treated my problem. Dr. Lucky had told me that you were the best in the profession to treat my issue. He was correct as far as I am concerned but he neglected to mention that your “bedside” manner was also reassuring and comforting.
Dr. Miguel and Jennifer also shared in these attributes and made everything as easy as it could have been. Dr. Miguel’s soft touch and description of what he was doings he changed the dressings made it much easier for me. His compassion was indeed noted and appreciated. Jennifer and Julie are gems for their kindness and professionalism with a reassuring touch.

You entire staff including the other nurses and receptionists made everything as painless as possible under the circumstances. They were kind and efficient and for that I think you as you have evidently set the tone for your practice.

Again, I want to thank you and the staff at Mangat Plastic Surgery for the sensitivity, compassion and professionalism that you and they extended to my family and myself.”

– S.G.

“Dear Dr Mangat, You are not only a gifted and talented surgeon but a kind and generous person.”


 “You’re truly in a league of your own as an exceptional surgeon.”

– T.B.

“I’m very pleased with the results of my Facial Chemical Peel. The staff is very accommodating and supportive. This was my 2nd experience with Mangat-Kuy-Holzapfel Plastic Surgery and it was as positive as my 1st on was years ago.”

– M.G.

“Dr Mangat, From the beginning to the end of my surgery the nurses made me feel so comfortable. You have a great staff!”

– J.C.

“…made me feel special and happy to be there. I’m looking forward to more wonderful experiences.”

– J.W.(Cincinnati, Ohio)

“really do think Dr. Mangat and Dr. Kuy are the very best at what they do. I am very lucky to have them as my doctors. I always know they will do what is the best thing for me.”.

– A.G.

, “My surgery at Mangat Kuy Plastic Surgery was perfect!”

– P.C.

“Dr. Mangat , , Thank you so much for helping me feel more confident and happy about myself. I have never felt so good. I absolutely love my nose. I stare at my nose everyday. Everyone compliments my nose and says that I look great. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to feel great for the rest of my life.”

– E.S.

, “Dr. Mangat, At this time of year, we have reflected on those who have been good to us and that we value. We wanted to give you a small token of our appreciation for your caring and professional care of us. We feel very fortunate to have such a skillful and caring doctor as you.”

– M.S.

, “I would just like to commend Dr. Mangat and his team on making my eye lift surgery a wonderful experience! The results are perfect and I would recommend him and his staff to all my friends! Thank you so much for making me feel so much better about myself!”

– P.E.