When patients lose a large amount of weight, they should be congratulated and rewarded for the hard work, stress, and emotional distress that they endured. Certainly, the improvement to the patient’s health and appearance are great benefits of weight loss. However, after patients have lost weight, they are often left with an accumulation of loose, stretched out skin on the stomach, thighs, arms, and other areas of the body. Our surgeons perform skin tightening techniques to produce an improved aesthetic so patients can truly enjoy the results of their weight loss success.

Skin Tightening Candidates

Good candidates for skin tightening surgery include those who have lost a significant amount of weight through diet, exercise, bariatric surgery, or a combination of these methods. Patients should be at or near their goal weight when they undergo skin tightening surgery. Patients that undergo skin tightening surgery too early in their weight loss journey will likely require revision surgery.

Skin tightening candidates have loose, hanging skin on the:

  • Stomach
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Hips
  • Flanks
  • Arms
  • Back
  • Breasts

It is common for rashes or skin irritation to develop from skin folds, and the large amount of excess skin can make it more difficult for patients to comfortably exercise and remain active.

Skin excision and tightening procedures are serious surgical procedures. To avoid complications during and after surgery, patients should be in good health and not smoke.

Skin Tightening Techniques

Our Philadelphia surgeons are skilled in several skin tightening surgical techniques, including:

  • Tummy tuck: Tummy tuck surgery targets loose skin on the stomach, weakened abdominals muscles, and the belly button. It involves a curved horizontal incision in the lower abdomen, in an area that remains hidden by undergarments and bathing suits. To reconstruct the belly button, a circular incision is made around the belly button.
  • Arm lift: Arm lift surgery targets flabby skin on the upper arms. This procedure may involve liposuction to remove excess fatty tissue, and an incision in the armpit, possibly extending down the length of the inner arm to the elbow. This allows our surgeons to tighten the underlying structures and the skin.
  • Thigh lift: Thigh lift techniques target excess skin on the back, front, inside, or outside of the thighs. The technique and incision will depend on the degree and location of the excess skin.
  • Buttock lift: The buttock lift procedure treats loose skin and uneven fat distribution on the butt. We will choose an incision technique that will allow for sufficient skin removal. In some cases, an implant may be placed to augment the size and shape of the buttocks.
  • Body lift: Body lift surgery targets loose skin on the back, buttocks, thighs, and stomach. First, our surgeons address the backside, and then they perform tummy tuck and thigh lift techniques through the frontal incisions.
  • Breast lift: Men and women may have loose, hanging skin on the breasts. Mastopexy techniques can be employed to tighten the breast skin envelope, and to adjust the size and position of the nipples.

We invite you to visit our procedure pages to learn more about the procedural steps, recovery, side effects, risks, and results of each treatment.

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